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  1. Cut two rectangles of cotton fabric, each 11x7 inches. For extra protection, add a third layer and sew as if it’s only two. Quilting cotton or high quality sheets work great!

  2. Place one rectangle over the other, with “good” side of fabric facing to the middle. Sew 5/8” seam along one long edge.

  3. Separate the two pieces and lay flat. Press (iron) seam to one side (pick the side that will end up as the inner lining and press in that direction).

  4. Turn over so seam is on underside. Top stitch next to the seam on the inner (lining) side.

  5. Fold in half along the seam. Sew a 5/8” seam along the bottom edge (parallel to your first seam).

  6. Turn inside out and press nice and flat.

  7. Fold side edge over 3/8”. Fold again, this time 5/8”. Press flat and pin. Repeat on other side.

  8. Stitch near inside edges of your folds.

  9. Repeat steps 7-8 on opposite side.

  10. Fold mask in half widthwise. Stitch an angled seam at bottom inner corner which is 5/8” away from the point of the corner. This will be your chin dart.

  11. Unfold mask. Thread ties through side channels. Fasten your tie onto a large safety pin in order to thread easily. You will need two ties, about 30” long each if you are using ties without stretch.

  12. Your mask is finished! Tighten/scrunch to fit. Wear with the mask to fit snugly with the dart at your chin. Wash often in hot water.

Please note this is not a medical grade mask. Cotton masks are helpful in protecting others as opposed to  effectively protecting the wearer. They are by no means a replacement for social distancing measures.

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