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Small batch fashion designed and produced in British Columbia, Canada, using only the best ethically sourced and vintage fabrics. Wear something out of the norm!

Made in Canada fashion

Valerie Nagy is a British Columbia based designer who believes strongly in small-batch, locally designed and produced artful fashion. Tofino born and Squamish based, she has few ties to the traditional big-and-fast fashion industry, preferring instead to eschew trends and speak from the heart. From crafty seamstress to bespoke dressmaker to independent designer, her passion for wearable art has blossomed into something beautiful with a voice of it’s own. She’s endlessly inspired by strong independent women, with a penchant for colourful counterculture from flappers to Chelsea girls to riot grrrls. She believes fashion should be accessible, un-fussy and fun to wear.
Her training at Helen Lefeaux School of Fashion Design in Vancouver (where she topped her year with a focus on construction and fabric art) gave her an eye for detail and quality that never wavers. She uses only the finest ethically sourced fabrics, often opting for beautiful vintage materials or working with talented local artists to produce unique prints. All design and construction is done in studio, in Squamish, BC.

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Valerie Nagy
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