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Cute cuffed shorts made from authentic Woolrich bright print cotton flannel. Designed with comfort and coverage in mind, for girls who want to go short without baring it all. Featuring matching self covered buttons, diagonal hip pockets, and generous sewn cuff (does not unfold). Wide waistband with two button and zip fly closure.These shorts have been made in a limited run of three (one each S,M,L). Because of the limited nature of vintage fabric, no more the same can be made.

Woolrich Jigsaw Shorts


Measurements (Inches)
11" Length (Top of waistband to bottom of cuff (front))
3.75@ Inseam

4.5" Zipper length

Waistband Measurements (corresponds to your hip measurement)
Small 35-37"
Medium 38-40"
Large 41-43"

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